2021 Season Review

As the 2021 Season of F1 has ended, we want to officially close out Season 1 of F1 Fanfiction with our 2021 Season Review. Thank you everyone for your support through our maiden season of F1FanFiction. Your constant love and support and our love of the sport have been a driving factor behind doing thisContinue reading “2021 Season Review”

Fireside chat with Advait Deodhar

Welcome to another addition to our mini-series called Fireside Chat where we bring in guests and talk about the world of motorsports. Join us as we welcome the new 3rd host of the show Advait Deodhar who is just coming off a strong season in the 2021 season of EuroNASCAR and finishing 12th with 1Continue reading “Fireside chat with Advait Deodhar”

2021 Saudi Arabian GP

The 2021 Saudi Arabian GP was everything that F1 shouldn’t be. With several race restarts, Red Flags, Penalties, and manufactured excitement by FIA, it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. This track was one of the most dangerous tracks we have witnessed. With all the chaos that happened yesterday, we go into the lastContinue reading “2021 Saudi Arabian GP”

2021 Brazilian GP

The 2021 Brazilian GP gave us one of Hamilton’s most dominant performances. While having to overtake the entire field twice due to DSQ in Qualification due to his DRS opening just 0.2mm wider than the regulation and 5 place grid penalty received due to using extra ICE components. Max had tried his best to holdContinue reading “2021 Brazilian GP”