Meet Our Team

Akash Metawala

F1 is more than a Race to me, it’s a weekend carnival. The seed to my F1 enthusiasm is linked to the first Indian Racer racing the tracks, the first Indian team being one of the 10 teams racing; A car with an Indian Flag flying through the circuit & lastly the first Indian F1 arena. Visiting Sepang International Circuit, standing on the podium, taking pictures outside Bernie’s room rooted the F1 fan in me. Besides F1, I am an outdoorsy human who loves to hike, recording random moments with my action cam & editing those to create lifelong memories. I am an ice cream lover, finding a passion for reading, and am always up for a conversation.

Sarang Kunte

I am a comparatively new fan of F1, though I have always had the need for speed in my life. Growing up I did not have a lot of exposure to F1 but my love for racing grew through the hours that I spent playing NFS 2 on my PC. I love racing and it has become an important part of my life. I love visiting go-karting tracks with friends and do a bit of sim racing on Assetto Corsa Competizione when I get time. Other than living and breathing racing I also enjoy playing my Bass and trying out new recipes.