Fireside chat with Juju Noda and Hideki Noda

First and foremost, we want to thank all our listeners for sticking with us for 50 episodes! Yes, you heard that right this is our 50th Episode and we want to gift something special to you!

We have an incredibly special guest today with us, none other than the world’s youngest contender in the W Series, Juju Noda. And joining her will be her father, coach, mentor, Hideki Noda, who has participated in various racing categories like F1, Le Mans, IndyCar! This was truly an amazing episode where Hideki took up the mantel of a translator and helped us talk to Juju.

Juju Noda is just 16 years old, and her maturity surprised us! She is one of the youngest talents out there and is trying to make her mark at W series where she is competing against competitors twice her age! Join us as Juju shares her story and shares some laughs with us. 

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Twitter: @JujuNoda_Racing
Instagram: @101022juju

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