Fireside chat with Akshay Gupta

Welcome to another addition to our mini-series called Fireside Chat where we bring in guests and talk about the world of motorsports. Join us as we welcome our newest guest, Akshay Gupta, who is a racing car driver turned entrepreneur.

Akshay has spent his early years trying to become a racing driver and participating in several different racing formats. He became an entrepreneur to support his racing career and soon discovered his love for entrepreneurship. He founded Quixote, now renamed Scouto (acquired by Spinny).

This is quite a different episode where we talk about diverse topics ranging from Akshay’s early racing career, his experience with starting a business and his struggle with his physical condition that he had from birth. Stick around as we also gloss over our journey behind starting F1 Fanfiction Podcast.

This was a unique experience where Akshay truly took up the mantel of the third host and made the conversation so much more interesting than what we planned for.

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Check out Akshay Gupta on his socials:

Website: Akshay Gupta
Twitter: @akshay_racing
Instagram: @akshaymotorsport

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