Fireside chat w/ Cold Brew Money – Economics of F1

This Episode is a little different. Meet our friends at Cold Brew Money Podcast in our mini series called F1reside Chat. In this series, we bring in guests to the episode and have a casual chat on variety of topics related to F1, motorsports in general and other happenings in the world.

In this episode of F1reside Chat, we discuss about the economics of F1 and try and understand how money makes this sport go.

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Economics of F1 Episode Summary

  1. Ca$h is King!
  2. Constructors and drivers
  3. Budget Caps
  4. Driver salaries
  5. Pay Drivers
  6. Cost of building a F1 car
  7. Logistics of F1
  8. Sponsorships
  9. Prize Money distribution to teams
  10. Costs of hosting a race
  11. Broadcasting rights and costs

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