• 2022 Miami GP
    The maiden 2022 Miami GP which is the 2nd race in the US was not the most exciting race of the season yet delivered some great racing. Verstappen came out and Charles fell short but Ferrari came out with a 2-3 from it so not too bad for them. There was a lot of controversyContinue reading “2022 Miami GP”
  • 2022 Imola GP
    We are back with the first sprint race of this season, again at Imola! The 2022 Imola GP was yet another banger and just like last year included several spins and crashes. We witnessed the 2021 WDC lap the 7-time World Champion not once but twice! Charles binning it and gifting Lando with a Podium. Continue reading “2022 Imola GP”
  • 2022 Australian GP
    We return to the Australian GP after a long 2 years wait. The 2022 Australian GP was the 3rd race in the season, and it is clear that Charles and Ferrari are in it for the championship. Flawless performance by Charles while Max’s car noped out again. The race down under was exciting with actionContinue reading “2022 Australian GP”
  • 2022 Saudi Arabian GP
    The 2022 Saudi Arabian GP was a bombastic race! 😉 Just the 2nd race in this season and we had another amazing race with some fantastic close wheel to wheel racing. This battle between Charles and Max is going to entertain us through this year! Today we have a special guest Shayan Roy who isContinue reading “2022 Saudi Arabian GP”
  • 2022 Bahrain GP
    F1 is back for its 2022 season! With new regulations, the pecking order of the field has been turned around on its head. What an exciting race weekend we have witnessed at the 2022 Bahrain GP. Ferrari seems to be back with a vengeance and Red Bull faces incredible struggle with their engine. Mercedes can’tContinue reading “2022 Bahrain GP”
  • 2021 Season Review
    As the 2021 Season of F1 has ended, we want to officially close out Season 1 of F1 Fanfiction with our 2021 Season Review. Thank you everyone for your support through our maiden season of F1FanFiction. Your constant love and support and our love of the sport have been a driving factor behind doing thisContinue reading “2021 Season Review”
  • Fireside chat with Advait Deodhar
    Welcome to another addition to our mini-series called Fireside Chat where we bring in guests and talk about the world of motorsports. Join us as we welcome the new 3rd host of the show Advait Deodhar who is just coming off a strong season in the 2021 season of EuroNASCAR and finishing 12th with 1Continue reading “Fireside chat with Advait Deodhar”
  • 2021 Abu Dhabi GP
    The 2021 Abu Dhabi GP seemed like a very anticlimactic finale to an epic season, turned out to be the most controversy filled race in the season! FIA took matters in their own hands to make up rules on the spot and pissed of many F1 fans. Though Hamilton completely dominated the race, his luckContinue reading “2021 Abu Dhabi GP”
  • 2021 Saudi Arabian GP
    The 2021 Saudi Arabian GP was everything that F1 shouldn’t be. With several race restarts, Red Flags, Penalties, and manufactured excitement by FIA, it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. This track was one of the most dangerous tracks we have witnessed. With all the chaos that happened yesterday, we go into the lastContinue reading “2021 Saudi Arabian GP”
  • 2021 Qatar GP
    Another Hamilton Domination at the Qatar GP! As we enter the last stage of the season, the championship has gotten a lot closer. Hamilton and Mercedes seem to have gotten a renewed enthusiasm to fight back and claw their way into the championship. The 2021 Qatar GP gave us an unexpected podium with the 2-timeContinue reading “2021 Qatar GP”
  • 2021 Brazilian GP
    The 2021 Brazilian GP gave us one of Hamilton’s most dominant performances. While having to overtake the entire field twice due to DSQ in Qualification due to his DRS opening just 0.2mm wider than the regulation and 5 place grid penalty received due to using extra ICE components. Max had tried his best to holdContinue reading “2021 Brazilian GP”
  • 2021 Mexican GP
    The 2021 Mexican GP delivered us a fiesta with the entirety of Mexico cheering on Perez as he became the first Mexican to get onto the podium at Mexican GP. With Max extending his lead in the driver’s championship and Red Bull catching up with Mercedes, this season keeps getting better. Listen in to EpisodeContinue reading “2021 Mexican GP”
  • 2021 USA GP
    We are back for the 2021 USA GP at COTA after a gap last year and what a race did we witness! This is literally history in the making, it’s the Clash of the Titans! With about 400,000 people in attendance during this weekend, Max and Lewis put up a show that is worthy ofContinue reading “2021 USA GP”
  • 2021 Turkish GP
    The Istanbul Park has yet again delivered a rainy 2021 Turkish GP! And what a race we have had, with Bottas’s commanding win and one of the strongest results for Red Bull who were running their special livery to honor their partnership with Honda. With the championship battle flip flopping every race, no one canContinue reading “2021 Turkish GP”
  • 2021 Russian GP
    The 2021 Russian GP held at Sochi Autodrom is usually one of the dullest races, and boy were we surprised! With 3 different people leading the race in different parts of the race, and rain completely putting the grid on its head, it gave us one of the best Russian GPs! With only 2 pointsContinue reading “2021 Russian GP”
  • Fireside chat with Aditya Patel
    Welcome to another addition to our miniseries called Fireside Chat where we bring in guests and talk to them about the world of motorsports. Today we have none other than Aditya Patel who is an Indian racing driver who has had much success in Blancpain GT Series Asia and has now ventured into the otherContinue reading “Fireside chat with Aditya Patel”
  • 2021 Italian GP
    After Super Max thumping loudly in the Zandvoort stands we arrive at Monza for the 2021 Italian GP! Monza featured the 2nd Sprint Race of the Season. While Mercedes were considered the favorites on this track, the race results proved otherwise. We got the surprise McLaren 1-2 with Ricciardo winning and Lando claiming P2. WithContinue reading “2021 Italian GP”
  • 2021 Dutch GP
    We return after a nice long summer break, which was extended due to the Belgian rain which gave us an extra non-race weekend. The 2021 Dutch GP was highly anticipated due to it’s newly introduced banking on turns 3 and 14. The Dutch GP delivered and exceeded expectations. The fans were out there to cheerContinue reading “2021 Dutch GP”
  • Fireside Chat with Sneha Sharma
    This is a very special episode in our mini series called Fireside Chat. In this series, we bring in guests to the episode and have a casual chat on variety of topics related to F1, motorsports in general and other happenings in the world. Join us as we welcome our very special guest, Sneha Sharma! SnehaContinue reading “Fireside Chat with Sneha Sharma”
  • 2021 Hungarian GP
    What an anticlimax for the so called heated battle between Max and Lewis. Another race and another Merc eliminates a Red bull. What a crazy race this has been with the grid completely mixed up. What a drive by Ocon and Vettel and who other than the G.O.A.T Lewis Hamilton! Just after 2 races suddenlyContinue reading “2021 Hungarian GP”
  • Fireside chat w/ Cold Brew Money – Economics of F1
    This Episode is a little different. Meet our friends at Cold Brew Money Podcast in our mini series called F1reside Chat. In this series, we bring in guests to the episode and have a casual chat on variety of topics related to F1, motorsports in general and other happenings in the world. In this episode of F1resideContinue reading “Fireside chat w/ Cold Brew Money – Economics of F1”
  • 2021 British GP
    The 2021 British GP gave us a lot to discuss about! Max had a horrible 51G crash! Hamilton who caused the crash went ahead to win the race even with a 10 Second time penalty! If the Championship battle was heating up earlier, we think it just went Nuclear after this weekend. The Gloves areContinue reading “2021 British GP”
  • 2021 Austrian GP
    The 2021 Austrian GP has brought out total annihilation by Redbull showing that there is probably an incoming Redbull domination era! The double header at the Red Bull Ring produced a somewhat boring first and a nailbiting second race! Seems like Redbull and Max are starting to steal the lunch money from Mercedes and Lewis.Continue reading “2021 Austrian GP”
  • 2021 French GP
    2021 French GP was a nail bitter till the very last lap. Well Paul Ricard delivers! What an amazing race! Max and Red Bull are suddenly gaining the upper hand on Lewis and Mercedes. With battle between Max and Lewis till the very last lap, we had a lot more going on in the raceContinue reading “2021 French GP”
  • 2021 Azerbaijan GP
    Well Done Baku! The 2021 Azerbaijan GP was a blistering, blasting race, where neither of the contenders, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, for the driver’s championship were able to score any points. One due terrible choices made by Pirelli and the other due to his own undoing. What an unexpectedly exciting race it has been.Continue reading “2021 Azerbaijan GP”
  • 2021 Monaco GP
    The 2021 Monaco GP was yet another awesome race where the championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has turned spicier. After terrible day that both the Mercedes drivers had, Red Bull fully capitalized on the situation and gained the upper hand on Mercedes. Max Verstappen got his maiden race win on the streetsContinue reading “2021 Monaco GP”
  • 2021 Spanish GP
    The 2021 Spanish GP was held Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya which very well known as the circuit where all teams perform their pre season testing. The 2021 Spanish GP which was the #4 race in the 2021 calendar delivered a strategy of battles where Mercedes came out on the top. Join our F1 fantasy league byContinue reading “2021 Spanish GP”
  • 2021 Portuguese GP
    The 2021 Portuguese GP was held at the uniquely undulating Autódromo Internacional do Algarve commonly known as  Portimão Circuit. After 2 blistering races to start the 2021 Season on a high note, the 2021 Portuguese GP was certainly a lot less eventful though not devoid of exciting on track action. Join our F1 fantasy leagueContinue reading “2021 Portuguese GP”
  • 2021 Imola GP Race Discussion
    The 2021 Imola GP was held at the historic track of Imola in Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. What a banger of a race it was! Wet weather, Unusual podium, Red Flags, Penalties, it had it all! Some surprising results, some expected ones and a lot of Drama! Everything that any F1 Fan could askContinue reading “2021 Imola GP Race Discussion”
  • F1 Fireside Chat
    Episode 6 This is a special episode in which we have a guest, Anirudh Mendiratta, on the podcast. We discuss various controversies surrounding F1 and other stories from around the motorsporting world. Join our F1 fantasy league by using the code c3f7a33139 and visiting the site fantasy.formula1.com. Listen in to Episode 6 at your favoriteContinue reading “F1 Fireside Chat”
  • Episode 5: F101 – The Basics of F1
    This is a special episode which is meant to serve as a primer for any new F1 fan to get up to speed with the sport and understand it’s intricacies, have fun while doing it and improve your enjoyment of the on-track action! In this episode we go over the following topics: Checkout our previousContinue reading “Episode 5: F101 – The Basics of F1”
  • Episode 4: 2021 Bahrain GP Post-Race Discussions
    In this episode we discuss all the happenings of the season opener for 2021 season of F1 at Bahrain. Topics included in this podcast: New Website! www.f1fanfiction.com Qualification elevator pitch Drama even before the race Race start #Mazespin Re-start after Safety-Car The undercut train  Alonso vs Sainz Vs Vettel Pitstop #2 Main event – VERContinue reading “Episode 4: 2021 Bahrain GP Post-Race Discussions”
  • Episode 3: Pre-Season Testing and 2021 Predictions
    In this episode, we talk discuss about Pre-Season testing that was held on March 12-14 in Bahrain at The Bahrain International Circuit and share our predictions for F1 2021 Season. Check out the Preview for Bahrain GP which is on March 28 2021. Topics included in this episode: What is Pre-Season Testing? Day 1 Mercedes stay inContinue reading “Episode 3: Pre-Season Testing and 2021 Predictions”
  • Episode 2: F1 2021 Livery discussions
    In this episode, we talk discuss the new liveries by each team. Listen us discuss our opinions about what we liked and didn’t like on the latest episode of FanF1ction. Topics included in this episode: Tribute to the Legend, Murray Walker, who has put every TV viewer in the driver’s seat through his brilliant commentary.Continue reading “Episode 2: F1 2021 Livery discussions”
  • Episode 1: Reracing through the 2020 Season of F1
    In this very first episode, we talk through the constructor’s championship table for the F1 calendar year 2020. We talk about our memories, opinions on the unusual year that 2020 was or wasn’t. Topics included in this podcast: Hopes from the Year 2020 Thoughts when the season wasn’t/was going to happen The (so called) titleContinue reading “Episode 1: Reracing through the 2020 Season of F1”