Episode 2: F1 2021 Livery discussions

In this episode, we talk discuss the new liveries by each team. Listen us discuss our opinions about what we liked and didn’t like on the latest episode of FanF1ction.

Topics included in this episode:

  1. Tribute to the Legend, Murray Walker, who has put every TV viewer in the driver’s seat through his brilliant commentary.
  2. Black Mercedes with AMG Vomit
  3. Red Bull Racing – Why change something that’s not broken
  4. Mclaren 2020 Car + rainbow
  5. Return of the Bristish Racing Green to the track.
  6. The hottest new car on the grid: Alpine
  7. The green M
  8. Blue Jeans and White Tee donned by Alpha Tauri
  9. Ever beautiful Alfa Romeo
  10. The Russian Haas
  11. Williams being Williams

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