2021 Monaco GP

The 2021 Monaco GP was yet another awesome race where the championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has turned spicier. After terrible day that both the Mercedes drivers had, Red Bull fully capitalized on the situation and gained the upper hand on Mercedes. Max Verstappen got his maiden race win on the streetsContinue reading “2021 Monaco GP”

2021 Portuguese GP

The 2021 Portuguese GP was held at the uniquely undulating Autódromo Internacional do Algarve commonly known as  Portimão Circuit. After 2 blistering races to start the 2021 Season on a high note, the 2021 Portuguese GP was certainly a lot less eventful though not devoid of exciting on track action. Join our F1 fantasy leagueContinue reading “2021 Portuguese GP”

2021 Imola GP Race Discussion

The 2021 Imola GP was held at the historic track of Imola in Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. What a banger of a race it was! Wet weather, Unusual podium, Red Flags, Penalties, it had it all! Some surprising results, some expected ones and a lot of Drama! Everything that any F1 Fan could askContinue reading “2021 Imola GP Race Discussion”

F1 Fireside Chat

Episode 6 This is a special episode in which we have a guest, Anirudh Mendiratta, on the podcast. We discuss various controversies surrounding F1 and other stories from around the motorsporting world. Join our F1 fantasy league by using the code c3f7a33139 and visiting the site fantasy.formula1.com. Listen in to Episode 6 at your favoriteContinue reading “F1 Fireside Chat”

Episode 5: F101 – The Basics of F1

This is a special episode which is meant to serve as a primer for any new F1 fan to get up to speed with the sport and understand it’s intricacies, have fun while doing it and improve your enjoyment of the on-track action! In this episode we go over the following topics: Checkout our previousContinue reading “Episode 5: F101 – The Basics of F1”

Episode 4: 2021 Bahrain GP Post-Race Discussions

In this episode we discuss all the happenings of the season opener for 2021 season of F1 at Bahrain. Topics included in this podcast: New Website! www.f1fanfiction.com Qualification elevator pitch Drama even before the race Race start #Mazespin Re-start after Safety-Car The undercut train  Alonso vs Sainz Vs Vettel Pitstop #2 Main event – VERContinue reading “Episode 4: 2021 Bahrain GP Post-Race Discussions”

Episode 3: Pre-Season Testing and 2021 Predictions

In this episode, we talk discuss about Pre-Season testing that was held on March 12-14 in Bahrain at The Bahrain International Circuit and share our predictions for F1 2021 Season. Check out the Preview for Bahrain GP which is on March 28 2021. Topics included in this episode: What is Pre-Season Testing? Day 1 Mercedes stay inContinue reading “Episode 3: Pre-Season Testing and 2021 Predictions”

Episode 2: F1 2021 Livery discussions

In this episode, we talk discuss the new liveries by each team. Listen us discuss our opinions about what we liked and didn’t like on the latest episode of FanF1ction. Topics included in this episode: Tribute to the Legend, Murray Walker, who has put every TV viewer in the driver’s seat through his brilliant commentary.Continue reading “Episode 2: F1 2021 Livery discussions”

Episode 1: Reracing through the 2020 Season of F1

In this very first episode, we talk through the constructor’s championship table for the F1 calendar year 2020. We talk about our memories, opinions on the unusual year that 2020 was or wasn’t. Topics included in this podcast: Hopes from the Year 2020 Thoughts when the season wasn’t/was going to happen The (so called) titleContinue reading “Episode 1: Reracing through the 2020 Season of F1”