2022 Austrian GP with Craig Scarborough

This episode is a special one because we have a celebrity on the show. Craig Scarborough aka @ScarbsTech is in the house. Craig Scarborough is an institution of technical knowledge in F1. He hosts the F1’s official Tech Talk show on F1TV and has been an lifelong F1 fan too! He is the “go to”Continue reading “2022 Austrian GP with Craig Scarborough”

Paddock Club Experience w/ Viraj Ghelani & Arjun Srivastava

We bring to you an incredibly special episode with none other than Viraj Ghelani, who is a content creator and has had the privilege to be invited to the Mercedes Garage and has experienced Paddock Club. In this episode we discuss parts of the 2022 British GP and Viraj gives us inside scoops from hisContinue reading “Paddock Club Experience w/ Viraj Ghelani & Arjun Srivastava”