Race Previews


  • 2022 Spanish GP
    The 2022 Spanish GP was possibly the best Spanish GP we have had in the recent history. With RBR gaining a massive lead over Ferrari, they overtook them in both the WDC and the WCC. With some bad luck for Charles and some great strategy calls by the Red Bull pitwall , they managed toContinue reading “2022 Spanish GP”
  • 2022 Miami GP
    The maiden 2022 Miami GP which is the 2nd race in the US was not the most exciting race of the season yet delivered some great racing. Verstappen came out and Charles fell short but Ferrari came out with a 2-3 from it so not too bad for them. There was a lot of controversyContinue reading “2022 Miami GP”
  • 2022 Imola GP
    We are back with the first sprint race of this season, again at Imola! The 2022 Imola GP was yet another banger and just like last year included several spins and crashes. We witnessed the 2021 WDC lap the 7-time World Champion not once but twice! Charles binning it and gifting Lando with a Podium. Continue reading “2022 Imola GP”
  • 2022 Australian GP
    We return to the Australian GP after a long 2 years wait. The 2022 Australian GP was the 3rd race in the season, and it is clear that Charles and Ferrari are in it for the championship. Flawless performance by Charles while Max’s car noped out again. The race down under was exciting with actionContinue reading “2022 Australian GP”
  • 2022 Saudi Arabian GP
    The 2022 Saudi Arabian GP was a bombastic race! 😉 Just the 2nd race in this season and we had another amazing race with some fantastic close wheel to wheel racing. This battle between Charles and Max is going to entertain us through this year! Today we have a special guest Shayan Roy who isContinue reading “2022 Saudi Arabian GP”