2022 Spanish GP

The 2022 Spanish GP was possibly the best Spanish GP we have had in the recent history. With RBR gaining a massive lead over Ferrari, they overtook them in both the WDC and the WCC. With some bad luck for Charles and some great strategy calls by the Red Bull pitwall , they managed to convert a 2-3 into a 1-2! 

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2022 Spanish GP Episode Summary

  1. Our Host wins the (figurative) Lottery! 🥳
  2. Mazespin’s Career’s ghost Lives in the Haas 
  3. Hamilton’s Drive to Survive
  4. Cool Car! 🏎️
  5. Charle’s Preps for Next Race
  6. Mazepin’s Career’s ghost strikes again 👻
  7. Max and GP go to couple’s counseling
  8. Laurance Stroll’s F1 StackOverflow ©️ 
  9. Papa Latifi pays off the red head. 👨🏼‍🦰

Driver Ratings

Rating scale:
0 – Poor
5 – Average
10 – Outstanding

Memes of the Weekend

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