2022 Singapore GP

The Singapore GP was the perfect culmination of drama, emotions, heartbreaks, and triumph. We returned to marina bay after a 2 year gap and boy did it deliver with not only an amazing race but a nail-biting qualification session as well. 

Perez came out on the top in the intense battle for the lead with Charles hunting him down for a good chunk of the race. While max was stuck at the back of the grid with some mistakes of his own and some of the team.

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2022 Italian GP Episode Summary

  • Perez’s wife in shambles
  • Max Anger! 😡
  • Best Quali of the season?
  • Mick’s super-hot lap 🔥
  • Russell: “They race me so hard”
  • VSC/SC Galore!
  • Hamilton complains about tires
  • The Singapore GP drinking game 🍸
  • Goatifi strikes again! 🐐
  • The WDC Train – VET HAM VER

Stats of the Weekend

  • Alonso is the only driver to start 350 race starts.
  • Only driver to have driven all 13 races at Singapore is Bert Maylander who drives the official Safety Car.
  • Ricciardo gained a staggering 11 positions.
  • It was Red Bull’s first win in Singapore since Sebastian Vettel in 2013.
  • Perez is the first driver to win the street races of Monaco and Singapore in same year since Vettel in 2011.

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