2022 Monaco GP

The 2022 Monaco GP again raises the question whether Monaco really should remain on the calendar. Well as Monaco GPs go this was probably one of the most exciting Monaco GPs in recent history. Ferrari yet again pulled off a debacle of a strategy which stole Charles of a win. The Monegasque must wait at least another year to win his home race. The strategy played into RBR’s hands and gifted them a 1-3 where Checo won his first Monaco GP and became the most successful Mexican Driver in F1 History.

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2022 Monaco GP Episode Summary

  1. Should Monaco be on the calendar?
  2. Ferrari is back! 🤡
  3. The half broken curse.
  4. Is Perez in the title fight?🏆
  5. Red Bull lucks out with the strategy.
  6. Sainz blue balled yet again. 🥶
  7. Alonso the Tank Engine & Friends 🚂
  8. The half (H)aas story 
  9. Engineer: “How’s the car” RIC: “Erm.. I’m ok” 🥲
  10. Zak Brown the most American man
  11. Albon’s Hair Dye fades away 👨🏼‍🦰  

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Memes of the Weekend

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