2022 Italian GP

Max and Red Bull continue their campaign of domination at Monza, the temple of speed at 2022 Italian GP. No matter what Ferrari did, the hard pill to swallow is that Max was just unstoppable at Monza. 

This race was also the debut of Nyck de Vries who gained half of all the points Williams has earned in a single race and completely humiliated Latifi in the process.

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2022 Italian GP Episode Summary

  1. Safety Car wins the Race! 🏁
  2. Should races finish under a safety car?
  3. A new Chad in the house! 💪🏽
  4. Goatifi: 21/20 
  5. Get the fans some cages now 
  6. The Ferrari Way ™️ : “Ruin weekends and Kill Dreams” 💀
  7. The curse of Monza
  8. Gasly tired of seeing Daniel’s rear end 👀
  9. 4d Strategy Chess ♟️
  10. Cheeky KMag 
  11. F1 Fanfictrion: Runs on dopamine and Coffee   ☕

Stats of the Weekend

  • Monza 2022 was the first time in history that 2 Dutch F1 Drivers Finished a Race in Points Positions: Max Verstappen and Nyck de Vries.
  • Max positions gained: Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton 14
  • Maximum Positions lost: Nicholas Latifi 6

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