2022 French GP

The 2022 French GP was another great race at the Paul Ricard Circuit. Ferrari handed off the tradition of messing up to their drivers this race and Max is handed yet another victory. Mercedes got the best result so far with a 2-3!

Listen to the full episode to find out what happened to Sergio at VSC restart and why was Max so confident about everyone suffering from front left degradation.

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2022 French GP Episode Summary

  • Ferrari: Next Year ™️
  • Don’t beat a dead horse 😵
  • Sainz stuck in a time loop
  • Perez caught with his pants down 👖
  • Where is the black and white flag for Russell?
  • Rainbow themed podium 🏳️‍🌈
  • Ricciardo the fortune teller 🔮
  • Alonso’s 4d Chess ♟️

Driver Ratings

Rating scale:
0 – Poor
5 – Average
10 – Outstanding

Stats of the Weekend

  • 300th GP for Lewis Hamilton. 100% Podium rate when Hamilton hones a LGBTQ+ themed helmet
  • No driver has won a race after completing 300 GPs
  • Alonso beats Kimi Raikkonen’s record of most number of laps ever.
  • Ferrari has lost 75 points from a winning position so far this season.
  • The Pit lane was extended by 90m (~300ft) which basically increased the average pit stop time required.

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