2022 Dutch GP

We return to the land of orange army for the 2022 Dutch GP. Yet another win for Max Verstappen, and yet another clown show by the prancing horse. The Mercedes camp is back and giving a tough time to the Red Bulls. 

Listen to the full episode for our take on whether Mercedes were the new clowns this race? 🀑

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2022 Dutch GP Episode Summary

  1. 2021 Dejavu
  2. Bottas gets his revenge on Mercedes
  3. Mercedes climbing up the ranks πŸͺœ
  4. The Horse circus continues
  5. Mattia writes for F1 Fanfiction πŸ“
  6. Max Performance
  7. Why did Yuki come in for a πŸ“ inspection?
  8. Strolling into a point 🚢🏽
  9. The moving chicanes 🐀 

Stats of the Weekend

  1. Zandvoort has sand in some runoff areas instead of gravel or tarmac, which makes recovering cars that are “beached” a lot more time consuming than normal.
  2. Alonso got the most overtakes (7)
  3. Most positions were lost by Carlos Sainz and Mick Schumacher (5).
  4. Alonso has scored a point in the past 10 consecutive races.
  5. Max Verstappen joins the 30 race winners Club. And he is the youngest person to achieve it.
  6. Red Bull got the fastest pitstop for the race (2.09s).

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