2022 Canadian GP

We return to the Canadian GP after a 2-year gap due to COVID and it did not disappoint us! While it was not the most exciting race at the lead, there was just enough action to keep you hooked. Max walked to his victory and yet again increased his lead in the WCC. Ferrari yet again losing out to RBR, are left scratching their heads.

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2022 Canadian GP Episode Summary

  1. Goatifi – the true DoTD 🐐
  2. Red Bull’s slam dunk
  3. RBR sabotaging Checo?
  4. Alpine Stateliest to Ferrari:  “Hold my beer” 🍺
  5. Everyone forgets how to pit
  6. Is Zhou really a pay driver? 🤑
  7. Stroll the only Canadian on the grid
  8. Daniel GIT GUD! 👍
  9. Aston Martin does Vettel dirty
  10. Mercedes Fails to manipulate FIA
  11. Toxic Twitter Fans 💀
  12. Trains Everywhere! 🚇
  13. We need smaller car for better racing!

Driver Ratings

Rating scale:
0 – Poor
5 – Average
10 – Outstanding

Memes of the Weekend

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