2022 Azerbaijan GP

The 2022 Azerbaijan GP was which is held at the Captial city of Baku. This track has mostly generated some great races, but we got one of the biggest snooze fests in 2022. Max and Perez got Red Bull a 1-2 and Ferrari is probably bathing in their own tears after a double DNF.

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2022 Azerbaijan GP Episode Summary

  1. Well done Baku! (Not really this year)
  2. Ferrari dropped the ball yet again.
  3. Ferrari runs on Tifosi tears. 😭
  4. Ben Sulayem’s Tyranny 🌈
  5. Old man Hamilton needs a walking stick
  6. Merc probably “help me daddy”
  7. FIA dusts off their black and orange flag ⚫🟠
  8. Trouble brewing at McLaren
  9. Vettel’s S🅱️inalla training pays off
  10. All Canadian team for bumper cars
  11. Zak Brown, the Michael Scott of F1

Driver Ratings

Rating scale:
0 – Poor
5 – Average
10 – Outstanding

Memes of the Weekend

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