2021 Season Review

As the 2021 Season of F1 has ended, we want to officially close out Season 1 of F1 Fanfiction with our 2021 Season Review. Thank you everyone for your support through our maiden season of F1FanFiction. Your constant love and support and our love of the sport have been a driving factor behind doing this weekend after weekend.

2021 must be the most exciting season in the Turbo Hybrid Era. The Rivalry between Max and Lewis made this season eventful!

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2021 Season Review Episode Summary

In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Our journey of doing the podcast.
  2. Bottas – Mercedes’s #1 driver
  3. Hamilton – Rookie Mistakes/Beast Mode Activate
  4. Perez – He understood the assignment
  5. Max – Cool as a cucumber (mostly)
  6. Sainz – Driver of the Season
  7. Charles – Driver #2 @ Ferrari?
  8. Ricciardo – What was he doing?
  9. Lando – Beat by Sainz
  10. Alonso – Rookie of the Season
  11. Ocon – Defends like a Lion
  12. Pierre – Get this man a good seat!
  13. Tsunoda – Rollercoaster of a Season
  14. Vettel – FIA’s public enemy #1
  15. Stroll – Strolled
  16. Latifi – “Most Overrated driver in F1” – Advait Deodhar
  17. Russel – Mr. Saturday
  18. Gio – Italian Jesus fails to impress
  19. Kimi – Goodbye Ice Man!
  20. Mick – Saved Daddy’s legacy
  21. Mazepin – 21/20
  22. Awards! (Voted by Listeners)

2021 Season Awards

We polled on twitter for each category and each of you were the ones who selected the winners!

Question 1

Since this was a tie, we broke the tie and awarded the win to Bahrain GP!

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

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